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Thank you for coming to my website! I am a 22-year-old, Vietnamese-American college graduate from the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia. I enjoy people, writing, television, film, post-production, graphic design, and animals. This website was originally created for my New Media Certificate, which is why I have a section for my NMI Portfolio! You are free to look through my assignments, but I do have a separate portfolio section as well.

Contact Details

May Phan

New Media Production


HTML + CSS January 2017

Create a three-page website.

Travel Writing in Dublin

Bootstrap February 2017

Create an advanced website with Bootstrap.

Pretty Cities

Wordpress February 2017

Create an 8-page website with Wordpress.

My Jukebox

Jquery March 2017

Create a jukebox using Jquery.

Final Project

Final Assignment April 2017

Create a final project with learned concepts from the past assignments. Concepts include HTML, CSS, Jquery, etc.

New Media Design

Homepage Design

Adobe Photoshop January 2018

Create a website homepage design using Adobe Photoshop.

Partner Logo

Design Thinking + Adobe Illustrator February 2018

Treat your partner as a client and create your partner's logo using Adobe Illustrator and design thinking tactics.

Tools and Theory Final

Sketch February 2018

Examine examples of good and poor design. Redesign a poor design, and reflect.

Photography Final

Adobe Photoshop March 2018

Shoot and present five photos that photos exemplify proper composition, an adept knowledge and use of the exposure triangle components, and adequate post production skills.

Typography Final

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator April 2018

Create your own font, and explain your reasoning behind it.

UX/UI Final

Marvel + Adobe Photoshop April 2018

Create a brand for a service or product with emphasis on UX/UI design. Include personas, storyboards, logos, style guides, promo elements, a brand website, and supporting app.

New Media Capstone

Project Plan

Design and Research August 2018

For our Capstone project, we were tasked with finding a solution for paywall pop-ups while reading online news articles. We did research to create an iOS app, and I designed this document to present our plan.

Beta UX Map

Adobe Photoshop + Marvel September 2018

Used Adobe Photoshop to create templates for what we wanted out app to look like and used Marvel to create a wireframe for functionality.


Adobe Photoshop October 2018

I designed and created this logo to best fit our brand.

One Pager

Adobe Photoshop November 2018

A half-page flyer created on Adobe Photoshop to hand out at our tradeshow.


Adobe Premiere Pro December 2018

An 85-second trailer to invoke interest for our app, filmed with a DSLR and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

Graphic Communications

Magazine Cover

Adobe Photoshop + InDesign March 2019

Create a magazine cover for a specific audience. Design with InDesign, and edit images with Photoshop.

Advertisement Redesign

Adobe Photoshop + InDesign April 2019

Choose a bad advertisement and redesign it with knowledge of the design elements, Typography, and Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Keep all the text information the same.

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I am a dependable, efficient, and open-minded worker that strives to express my passion for entertainment and people through creating creative and diverse content to personally relate to my audience and their experiences.

Client Testimonials

  • May is so cool. She is so talented, smart, funny, and amazing. I love her. I wish I could be her. If I could be anyone in the world, it would be her. Wow. So creative.

    May Phan
  • I have never met someone as understanding, funny, and friendly as May. She is great. She should get hired for all the jobs in the world.

    May Phan

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